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It’s easy to stay organized. Your family will appreciate it.

Since 2005 the Borchers Law Asset Trust Organizer™ (ATO) has helped clients identify and develop the most advantageous method of funding their estate planning and trust needs. The ATO offers a wide range of advantages, including:

Complete funding instructions

The ATO lists all assets, states how they must be titled in order to fit with the estate plan, provides exact beneficiary designations, and tracks account numbers and account balances.

More detailed than traditional advice

The ATO represents a much-needed advance over traditional “how to fund your trust” legal counseling. Typical legal advice instructs clients that their trust should “own” their assets. Often no distinction is made between owning and designating a beneficiary for the assets — a distinction which, for example, is critically important for retirement accounts.

Review of ownership versus primary/contingent beneficiary designations

Sometimes it is important to have a trust own a life insurance policy. In other cases it’s better to leave the ownership out of the trust, with the trust being the beneficiary. It may even be that the best combination is to name individuals as primary beneficiaries and a trust as contingent beneficiary, or the other way around. The ATO helps determine the best approach.

Tracking assets and their values

The ATO also provides a significant advance in tracking assets (provided that it is continually monitored and kept up-to-date).

Invaluable assistance to family helpers and fiduciaries

In times of incapacity or the effects of aging, the ATO is invaluable in informing a family helpmate or financial assistant about the family’s assets. After a client passes away, the assets are already listed in the ATO and the administration of the trust can begin from this advanced starting point.

Easy and flexible approaches

Clients planning their estates for the first time will adopt the Asset Trust Organizer™ and have a choice to:

  • Complete the document themselves
  • Partially complete the document and have the law office fill in the details
  • Have the firm fully complete the document, as well as assist with the retitling of assets

Clients with existing trusts and estate plans who become clients of Borchers Law will be encouraged to adopt the ATO and select from the same menu of approaches.

Coordination with annual maintenance

All annual support clients must adopt the ATO in order for us to provide these annual services efficiently and at the lowest cost possible.

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