Business & Real Estate

Choosing the optimal structure for your business — LLC, “S” or “C” corporation — is critical in limiting personal liability and determining the best path for success.

We have years of experience guiding the purchase and sale of your home or investment property. If you’re a business owner, we can help shelter you from liability, plan how to pass your enterprise to the next generation, or sell the business.

Business Continuity

The retirement, disability, or death of a business owner can trigger a variety of crises capable of destroying a business that took decades to build. Frequent questions and concerns include:

  • Who will run the business after you?
  • Will your spouse, children, or other heirs continue to benefit financially from the business? How and for how long?
  • If one of your heirs were to take over the business, how would you ensure parity for the heirs who are not active in the business?
  • Have you in-law proofed your estate?
  • Will your family have to sell the business in order to pay federal and state estate taxes?
  • Would your business partner(s) be able to buy-out your ownership stake?


Buying and selling personal or business property can be stressful — especially when considering both the current implications and estate ramifications of the purchase/sale.

Unrivaled Experience

Real estate law is the foundation upon which our practice grew and it remains a key offering. Our services to residential and commercial real estate clients include:

  • Drafting, review and negotiation of purchase and sale agreements
  • Review of financing arrangements
  • Advance title examinations and clearing title problems
  • Deed preparation
  • Real estate transfer planning (e.g., anticipating capital gains, considering tax-efficient alternatives, and timing of transactions)
  • Seller financing
  • Co-ownership agreements


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Estate Planning

Without a well-written plan you lose the power to decide what happens as you age.

Elder Law

As individuals age, keep end-of-life issues from erasing lifetime savings.

Wills & Probate

A properly executed will is only the first step in creating an estate plan.

Trustee & Executor

As independent trustees we act compassionately and without bias.

Heirloom Property

Second homes require specialized planning to ensure it stays in the family.