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Upcoming Events

Trusts are Powerful. Why Aren't You Using One?
Oct 10 | 6:00pm
Millis Public Library
7 Signs Your Trust is Outdated & How to Fix It
Oct 12 | 7:00pm
Medway Public Library
You're the Executor. What Now?
Oct 17 | 7:00pm
Medfield Public Library

A Sampling of Our Previous Events

Preparing Your Trustee
March 28 | 6:00pm
Millis Public Library
Your Successor Trustee/Executor has several powers and responsibilities upon your death / incapacity. Are they prepared? Do you understand the authority given to them?
Understanding Your Trust
March 23 | 7:00pm
Westwood Public Library
Join us to sort out the workings of a trust agreement, including taxation, maintenance, how to update, and traps for the unwary in various trust arrangements.
When Do I Need a Trust
March 21 | 7:00pm
Norfolk Public Library
Will waiting until your 70s to write a trust be too late? Do you have to be wealthy to have a trust? Find out how a trust can benefit you and your family and why you should have one!

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