Heirloom Property

Second homes are often the most valuable asset in one’s estate and require specialized planning to ensure the home stays in the family.

Leaving your valuable family home in equal shares to heirs without a master plan is often a recipe for disaster. Our Heirloom Ownership Trust™ provides the protection, succession, and preservation families are looking for.

The HOT Approach

Borchers Trust Law offers a proprietary process called the “Heirloom Ownership Trust” (HOT) designed to keep one’s beloved second home in the family while ensuring that it will be governed wisely. Our process begins by establishing an “AUGUST” agreement that identifies the key considerations:

  • Allocation of ownership
  • Understanding the purpose for retaining the property
  • Governance
  • Usage
  • Stewardship
  • Transfer restrictions


Let us help create your HOT Property Trust. To learn more, schedule a call with us today.