Review and Refinement

 In Family Legacy & Philanthropy, Wills & Trusts

Our Review and Refinement support program is established to keep the lines of communication open between us and our clients throughout the year. Whether there is an unexpected turn of events prompting legal advice, or the peace of mind that comes from a yearly review and refinement of your estate plan, we can tailor support to meet your needs. It is important for clients to know they can reach out to us without the concern of, How much will this call cost me?

We understand that not all your questions require a lengthy meeting. By participating in a support program such as Review and Refinement, you will have the benefit of a speedy response, access to our staff who can respond to your various needs, and invitations to client seminars.

Does a business, family or health matter affect your legal status? It is important for us to have that conversation with you. Does a family member or caregiver have a question? Our support program handles those situations, too. Moreover, it might be the case that we can refer you to another professional if your questions do not fall within our purview.

When it does come down to a more comprehensive estate plan review, we have set up the support program to allow for that time, as well. Whether it is once a year or every three years, an ongoing collaboration will assure that we give your estate the appropriate attention it deserves.

Some 95% of our trust clients participate in our support program. Contact us to see how it can benefit you too.

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